Welcome to Designer Concrete, Inc.

~Designer Concrete, Inc. takes old, nasty, ugly concrete and makes it  beautiful!!! Even if your concrete is new we can make it look better and last longer!!  

~Designer Concrete, Inc. offers a wide array of both residential and commercial coatings. Your home, office, or warehouse will look better and last longer!


~Designer Concrete, Inc. System comes in almost limitless number of designs and textures to fit any look of any home or office. If you want the chic look of marble, the durable look of stone or a custom look of tile and many more, we bring design and beauty to your concrete.

"Don't replace your concrete, resurface it"

Designer Concrete systems Are:

  •  Freeze/Thaw Resistant
  •  Fade resistant
  •  Twice the strength of normal concrete
  •  Easier to maintain than concrete
  •  heat resistant
  •  Salt resistant
  •  Stain resistant